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so how's my freinds drawing?

2009-03-26 17:10:56 by skullreaper202

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so my freind sent me this pic in my email and told me to show all of u newgrounders it plz comment and comment on this vid:) its not mine but i like it ok and im thinking of uploading a few songs on this i just got to come up with some good parts :3.

so how's my freinds drawing?


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2009-03-26 17:48:37

It's terrible, poorly drawn and..... jk.

OMG it's Undertaker! Awesome drawing dude! Nice detail on the hair and facial hair. He even added the "Sara" tatoo. You're friend's pretty good IMO. Definitely got some talent.

skullreaper202 responds:

he said thanks hes a new picture ill let ya know when its ready.